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Whatever your mission: Discover the new Cloudventure

The new Cloudventure trail running shoe is here. Swiss-engineered with the new Missiongrip™ outsole, it’s ready to handle anything the mountains can throw at you. We take a close look at its revolutionary off-road tech.


Born in the Swiss Alps, On is at home in the mountains. So when it came to evolving the Cloudventure trail shoe collection, Swiss-engineered technology became the enabler for realizing how we wanted mountain running to feel. To unlock new experiences. To let runners reach places others couldn’t. The first-iteration set the standard by taking running on clouds off road. Now, the next-generation takes the performance level even higher. More attitude, more altitude. Then back down again. In fact, it’s on the downhill where the new Cloudventure really comes alive. That’s the result of Missiongrip™, the latest On innovation. 


Meet Missiongrip™

The brief for developing the outsole for the new Cloudventure was clear, but would require complex innovation to address: Create the ultimate outsole for running off road. The core of the challenge lay at the heart of the trail’s ability to thrill like no other running surface – terrain that’s impossible to predict. 




The ultimate trail shoe outsole needs to propel you to the summit then cushion your descent back to the valley. It needs to take on the rough ground with the smooth. It has to combine a firm hold on hard high-alpine trails with bite for softer sections. And it needs to take obstacles like fallen logs and larger rocks in its stride. The engineers had a metaphorical mountain to climb. But it was at real altitude that the project began. 


Armed with their own alpine experience and feedback from trail athletes running the original Cloudventure, the team in the On Lab set about Swiss Engineering a new outsole. To combine the unparalleled cushioning of Cloudtec® with next-level grip that can take on any trail. This never-seen-before fusion of technologies would mean a never-tried-before solution. Countless days of in-lab development and alpine testing later, a revolutionary new outsole was ready. Missiongrip™ had arrived.


Grip elements as varied as the trail

Missiongrip™ combines the sensation of running on clouds with enhanced traction patterns and a specially selected grip-rubber compound to keep runners sure-footed whatever tricks the trail has in store.



Clever downhill cushioning

With grip for every surface aiding your attack on the summit, the new Cloudventure is made to take your trail run higher. But once you’ve taken in the hard-earned view, you’ll discover this shoe really comes into its own on the descent.


Fusing Zero Gravity Cloud elements with the specially selected Missiongrip™ overlay proved to be one of the toughest challenges the team in the On Lab faced during the shoe’s development. Run the Cloudventure downhill and you’ll realise why they invested such effort in making this possible. Now achieved, this unique combination adds trail-level toughness to the unmistakeable sensation of running on clouds. Which means you can truly own the downhill, again and again.



High-torsion Speedboard®

The Speedboard of the new Cloudventure has also been reinvented. Still engineered specifically to drive you forward when running off-road it’s now narrower at the midfoot and given added torsion ability. This enables the Speedboard to work as a more agile platform, improving feel as the foot rocks and rolls over uneven ground or makes rapid side to side movements on root-covered trails.



Lightweight protective upper

The Cloudventure’s light, comfortable two-layer upper supports a fast ascent. It features a technical engineered two-layer mesh upper that provides optimal ventilation for cooling comfort even on tough climbs. While the inner layer offers comfort and support, the outer layer offers breathable, lightweight protection.


The new iteration of the Cloudventure Waterproof also benefits from all the aforementioned technological enhancements, combining the durable protection of the new mesh upper with an advanced membrane for full waterproof protection while retaining breathability – ideal when the elements are as unforgiving as the climbs.



Mission ready 

Creating a shoe with technology advanced enough to handle the diverse nature of the trail was a mission in itself for On’s engineers. Combining lightweight protection, clever cushioning, and unstoppable grip is a showcase of Swiss Engineering.


The best way to experience this next-generation tech? Put the shoe to the test in the mountains it was made for, safe in the knowledge that the new Cloudventure with Missiongrip™ will keep you in control. Whatever your mission. 


The Cloudventure
Lightweight, protected, fully cushioned. The trail shoe to master any mission. Now with the added performance of Missiongrip™.
The Cloudventure Waterproof
The lightweight waterproof trail running shoe with extreme cushioning and traction thanks to Missiongrip™. Mountains beware.

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