Au Dimity-Lee Duke

Paramedic turned pro-triathlete, Dimity Lee grew up in Australia the ultimate all-rounder, playing basketball and racing off-road motorbikes up to national level. She always enjoyed swim/bike/run though, and it was this passion that won out in the end.

Q&A with Dimity-Lee Duke


How did you start running? I have been running all my life – growing up in the country I was always outdoors and running to my friend’s place or school. When I was 10 I used to get my dad to time how fast I could run around a 2km block in my local town. I did athletics when I was 10 and was school athletics champion for multiple years. I believe I still hold some of my school records over 800m and 1500m still stand to this day. I joined the local running club when I was 16. There, I learned how to run with some great athletes from 5k to ultramarathon distance.

Why do you run now? Running gives me so much satisfaction. It helps me control my emotions but also creates a sense of calm at times when I am not specifically training.


What was the most important race you’ve run to date? I guess the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii is my most important race – it is the mecca of long course triathlon with so much history and prestige. I have been there four times.


What is your pre-race ritual?I'm pretty calm and collected prior to racing – I don’t have any rituals other than making sure I am fired up and ready to go.


What do you think about while running? It really depends what mood I am in… sometimes I just like to smell the fresh air or look at the surroundings.


What is your go-to training meal? My diet is pretty boring. Good proteins, dairy, vegetables and fruit. During training I like bananas and snickers bars. 


How do you recover after a tough run? A nice smoothie made with frozen fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds.


What song is your go-to for the run? Depends what mood I am in.  

Who is your “team”? Personally, my team includes my immediate family and close friends – those whom I can laugh with and have a shoulder to lean on. But my “triathlon team” includes my network of close family, coach, support network and sponsors.


Apart from endurance sports, what is your passion? Sport will always be part of my life in some way. I still like to watch my previous sports and follow my friends who race, but I also enjoy other sports like golf, mountain biking, or surfing and diving. I really enjoy watching cooking shows and reality tv shows about home renovations, documentaries too. I am a big fan of the great outdoors, scenery and landscapes as well as learning about different cultures.


What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional athlete? I say I would be still working in the medical field as a paramedic either in remote areas or in the mining industry in Western Australia.


What does no one tell you about being a professional athlete? The emotional highs and lows that come with success and failure.


What was the best piece of running advice you ever received? I had the privilege to run in Kenya with the Run2gether team who are also supported by On. I didn’t get so much verbal advice but I learned from the way they train. Nothing will beat training with the best runners in the world!


What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? I would say it is a personal journey… like life. Take it how you want it. Nothing is easy but if you want something, go for it!


Why On? To me On is not just about the shoes and kit. It is about the community and lifestyle it brings. You meet people from all walks of life. Seeing someone in the shoe starts a conversation. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support.


What are your favorite On items and why? I race in the Cloud and like the Cloud X for walking and leisure. I love the running gear too – it’s so light and doesn't rub the skin. The Weather Shirt and Running Pants are great to warm up in on the morning of a race.

Favorite On item: The Cloud
The Cloud is my go-to shoe on race day.
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