Ss Dominic Lokinyomo Lobalu

South Sudanese long-distance runner Dominic Lokinyomo has big dreams. He wants to be the first Refugee to win a medal at the Olympics. With his relentless ambition and determination, we put nothing past him. Running is his life and passion. From the 1500 m to 10 km, Dominic competes in many different distances. Currently based in Switzerland, he’s taking the racing scene by storm.

Q&A with Dominic Lokinyomo


How did you start running? 

I started running when I was playing football at school, then I became passionate about running off the pitch too.


Why do you run now? 

It’s my life and my passion. I want to be the first refugee to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


What was the most important race you’ve run to date? 

The most important race I have run to date is the 800m relay in the Bahamas. It was the first international race that I ever competed in.


What is your pre-race ritual? 

Before a race I just remain confident and encourage myself that I can do even better than the time before.


What do you think about while running? 

I try to remain peaceful and think about all the support that I have.


What is your go-to training meal?

I always eat a good meal like chicken with vegetables.


How do you recover after a tough run? 

To recover after a tough run, it is very important to get enough sleep. I also like to go on a gentle run to keep active until I’m ready to go again.


Who is your “team”? 

The Refugees are my team.


Apart from endurance sports, what is your passion? 

I really like acting and Hollywood movies.  


What was the best piece of running advice you ever received? 

Trust your coach and respect the plan that they have for you.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? 

Never give up what you are doing and believe that you can always do better.