Ch Max Studer

Growing up in the cozy village of Kestenholz in the canton of Solothurn, Switzerland, Max Studer discovered his passion for sport at an early age. Drawn to the world of triathlon, Max competed in his first race at just 10 years old. Finding success both regionally and nationally, he went on to win major international races in his category. His biggest highlight to date is being the U23 European Champion in both the Individual and Mixed Team Relay. Now, this young champ is focused on working his way to the top of the international triathlon scene.

Q & A with Max Studer 


Why running and how did you get started? When I was young, I was involved in the athletics club. This is where I got to know and love running from an early age.


On days where you might not feel like training, what inspires you to get out there? These are the sessions that count the most. In every competition there is a moment when it gets tough and you think about backing off. This is when those training days kick in and help you push beyond your limits. 


Do you have a special pre-race ritual? I don’t have one specific ritual. Three days prior to a race, I’ll follow the same routine which helps me feel mentally and physically prepared.

Is nutrition a big focus for you? And, what would you say is your go-to meal after a tough run? Nutrition is always an important aspect when it comes to sport. What works for me personally after a hard workout is white rice with chicken, water and Cola.


What are your top tips for a speedy recovery after training? Good nutrition at the right time, enough and good sleep and do something that makes you happy besides sport.


Who is your “team”? My coach Brett Sutton, the training group, my parents, family, sponsors, friends and everyone who supports and accompanies me on my journey. 

“The Cloudboom, it’s the perfect racing shoe. Every time I put it on, I know that it will perform hard and fast. It’s very direct and gives me a great take-off. And it’s supportive.”

What was the best piece of running advice you ever received?

Go out there and have fun. 


Apart from running, what are your passions? Spending time with friends and family. I’m interested in many different sports. Definitely a nerd for cars.


Your favorite apparel pieces? The Tights Long combined with the Weather Shirt. It’s my favorite running outfit for the cold temperatures in St. Moritz. And when it’s raining, the Weather Jacket is my favorite.


Finally, why On?

I am proud to say that I’m part of the On family. Like On, I want to achieve great things and I’m happy to do it together.