Au Oliver Hoare

Australia’s Oliver “Olli” Hoare started out his sporting career as a competitive swimmer. Soon realizing he was more suited for the track, Olli switched discipline and continued to run all through high school, landing him a spot on the track team for the University of Wisconsin. He was the 1500m NCAA champion in 2018, an eight-time All-American and nine-time Big Ten champion over cross country, indoor and outdoor track.


Q & A with Oliver Hoare 


How did you start running? I started running because of my family background. Mostly I swam, and my father Greg, who used to run in his youth, took me for runs around the trails. As a child, I did cross country while juggling many other sports. Once I reached high school, I really started to develop as a runner, particularly in track. I won the 2015 Australian cross-country championships as a 17-year-old competing in under 20s. I loved the thrill and knew I had to fully focus on track and cross country.


Why do you run now? I run now because I enjoy being able to move. I hate sitting still and don’t want to be an annoyance – like a buzzing bee in someone’s ear. Running for me is a way to escape and compose your thoughts. Feel fresh in the mind. I even like other runner’s company while they’re out of breath and trying to explain some great show or answer the worlds mysteries. I enjoy it because I have an opportunity to be great, leave a legacy and do something like represent my country while competing against some of the greatest runners in the world. Plus, it also gives me an excuse to eat more food.


What was the most important race you’ve run to date? I think my most important race was the 2019 Indoor Mile Championships. I was the favorite to win this event after my breakthrough performance and had a heavy load of racing – the mile heat before the distance medley relay as well as the 3000m final. I finished the race in third, and it was the best lesson I’ve ever learned. As an athlete, it’s not always about winning every race, it’s about not showing weakness and perfecting your craft like any good artiest. You really have to work on yourself, chipping away and fine tuning until it’s your moment to shine. Lessons like that will leave me better prepared for the future as an athlete.


What is your pre-race ritual? I like to listen to music videos to get me pumped and excited. I also like to clean my teeth just before I head out. Got to have those pearly whites glistening for the cameras as you hit the track.


What do you think about while running? I think like an entrepreneur while I run. Trying to come up with inventions that could be useful to make life better.


Olli’s Favorite Training Shoe
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What is your go-to training meal? You can never go wrong with a good pasta dish, a North African eggs dish with sausage or a burrito bowl.


How do you recover after a tough run? I usually get in some water, electrolytes, and some carb and proteins 30 minutes after my run. You need to hit your system quickly for a speedy recovery. Depending on how my body feels, a cool tub or a sauna would be ideal. While my body is warm, I stretch out, do some drills and enjoy the post-run vibe with some music.


Who is your “team”? My team right now with On is Carlos and Joe. Pretty cool team if you ask me!


Apart from endurance sports, what are your passions? I love surfing. Being close to the beach was a major part of my life back in Australia, so I’d say that’s one of my passions. I also love to write and create things out of nothing.


What was the best piece of running advice you ever received? Patience. You can suffer from diving in headfirst without checking where the rocks are. Get a good idea and absorb information, stay consistent and take ownership of your training, your successes and your failures.


Why On? On is giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and pursue my goals as a runner. Their image and overall work to make the best possible gear for athletes is what attracted me. Try what they offer, and you’ll understand why a brand like On gets me excited.


Olli’s Top Apparel Pick
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Olli's Recent Races


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