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The non-profit aiming to turn post-collegiate athletes into Olympians. ‘Chasing Tokyo’ is the five-part documentary of their journey. Watch the series below.

Chasing Tokyo

Everyone is training for something. For the On ZAP Endurance crew, that something has been 18 years in the making and it's about to go down.


Chasing Tokyo is an in-depth and all-access docuseries following a unique group of post-collegiate runners who have made big sacrifices in pursuit of their running potential and the opportunity to realize their childhood dreams of becoming Olympians. 


Episode 1: Dudes in the Woods 

Meet Andrew, Tristin, Tyler, Joanna, Josh, Matt, Nicole, Joe, Johnny and Coach Pete. This is the start of their journey to trials over the next month. With only 3 spots for the US Marathon Team in Tokyo up for grabs how will the nine athletes handle the pressure of competing – including with each other. 



Episode 2: Grandma’s 

Coach Pete and the team lay out their performance philosophy. Joe, Josh, Andrew and Joanna head to Minnesota to put the philosophy to the test at Grandma’s Marathon, while Andrew opens up about ”the darkest moment in his life.”



Episode 3: Eat, Sleep, Run. 

“Eat, sleep, run” explores the daily lives of a decidedly blue-collar effort where everyone pitches in and does their part. A new teammate arrives and we get to know Joe, Tyler, and Tristin a little better.



Episode 4: Mind Right, Body Right

With the trials rapidly approaching, the team heads to a training camp in Tallahassee for their final preparations. A local half marathon gives them the perfect opportunity to test themselves at race pace. 



Episode 5: The Race of Our Lives

This is it. Years of training, thousands of miles and countless ups and downs have brought the team to Atlanta, Georgia, to toe the line at the marathon trials. Competition for Tokyo is fierce. Who will make the cut? 




On ZAP Endurance is a non-profit training center for post-collegiate, Olympic hopeful distance runners. ZAP athletes live and train together in Boone, a small town in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains – perfect for endurance athletes looking to train at high altitude year-round. 


The On ZAP Endurance founders, the late Andy Palmer and his wife Zika, developed the program as a way to give back to distance running – a sport that played a significant role in both their lives. The team's goal is to develop World Class American distance runners by providing them with support that allows them to train like Olympians.


Since 2002, ZAP athletes have seen success on every level and in every event from the 1,500m to the Marathon including:

- 28 Olympic Trials Qualifiers

- 5 World Cross-Country Team Members

- 2 World Track and Field Championship Qualifiers in the Marathon

- 3 Club Cross Country National Team Titles



In December 2018, ZAP brought five athletes to the USATF Marathon Championships. All five qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials, and two of the team were in the front pack, securing 3rd and 4th place.


On ZAP Endurance, formally known as Zap Fitness, partnered with On in 2019.  “All of us here in Blowing Rock are excited and grateful for this unique partnership between ZAP and On,” said On ZAP Endurance Head Coach Pete Rea.


“As we begin our 18th year supporting both our resident professional team as well as running education for all ages, we do so with the fastest growing brand in global running. On has a passion for all runners and a vision for the performance side which made this a great fit for ZAP.”


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