At Red Bull Skydive Team

With their motto being to push the limits of life itself, the Skydive Team spends just as much time amongst the clouds as in them. Based in Austria and followed with awe by fans worldwide, they are the unquestioned masters of their unique sport. On is proud to sponsor all that they do both on the ground, and above it.


The Red Bull Skydive Team – consisting of four exceptionally gifted aerial acrobats – shows all the possibilities the playground of the third dimension offers (especially from above). Being the opening or main attraction for people looking for something different in the world of adrenaline sport, the team always steal the show with their unearthly abilities to perform in the sky. To live each day in this hi-risk environment, the team need to be in peak physical condition, which is why On is proud to sponsor them and their cloud adventures – whether they may go.