Team run2gether

There is no running team in the world quite as unique as the Austrian-Kenyan run2gether team. Started as a passion project by Austrian coach Thomas Krejci, Kenyan athletes from the team have since gone on to win races the world over – and On is proud to support all that they do.

In Kenya, running is more than a popular sport: it’s a necessity.


Many Kenyan athletes seek to make a living out of running for them and their families – and by living to them is that considered a “simple” life. But conditions for most of these aspiring runners are unimaginable to most athletes: barefoot running, undernourishment, life in the slums – no suitable circumstance for someone seeking a career in sport. This are the sights that greeted Thomas Krejci, a passionate runner himself, when he visited these kinds of “athlete” in Kenya in 2008 - and the point when he decided something needed to be done.



So was born team run2gether: to support Kenyan up-and-coming athletes. Today, the run2gether team is a story of success in endurance sports and in cultural exchange. The team consists of 40 Kenyan professional athletes and over a hundred amateur runners who train together between Austria and Kenya. The sports centre “Mount Longonot Sport & Recreation Camp” is the central point of the association, located some 2400 meters above sea level in the heart of Kenya. Athletes sleep in the camp and have access to healthy meals and training with international coaching staff.

“To have On as a partner is priceless to our team. For our athletes running is their only chance to make a living. Therefore it’s very important to support them with high quality equipment” - Thomas Krejci.

Read here a behind the scenes with the run2gether team to see what it is like being trained with some of the best long distance athletes in the world.