Ua Yuliya Yelistratova

One of the most recognised ITU triathletes from the Ukraine of all time, Yulia has already defending several ITU World Cup podiums and boasts being EU Series Champion several times. Making it to 3 Olympic Games, she has achieved already so much – with plenty more fight ahead!

Q&A with Yuliya Yelistratova


How did you start running? I've been always active since early childhood. First regular (but easy) running was what got me to school instead of taking public transport. At the age of 15 by a lucky coincidence I started doing triathlon, which includes running


Why do you run now? Because I love it! I'm a lucky and happy person because I have great passion for triathlon and do it professionally, so get to run all the time.


What has been the most important race you’ve run to date? Each race is special in its own way. There were several events with significant impact for me. First of them: Beijing-2008, which was my first Olympics. Then 2009, U23 European Championships where I took gold and realised that I have future in triathlon. Very important was also my win at the 2015 Alanya World Cup, which was less than 4 months after a bad bike accident when doctors told me I would have a much longer recovery than I ending having!


What is your pre-race ritual? Good warm-up and mental focus on the upcoming race are very important.


What do you think about while running? Each run is different and so the thoughts are different. Sometimes I focus on pace or technique, sometimes I’m thinking about the current running occasion, sometimes planning my strategy when racing.


What is your go to training meal? Usually I have at least 2-3 training sessions a day, with 4-6 training hours. That is why my meals need to be nutritious and plentiful! Before a hard session it's better to have light carbohydrates meals, which is what I go for.


What song is your go to for the run? There is no particular one song, but the music should be rhythmic and the word’s meanings important


Who is your “team”? My main team is my husband (Vladimir Turbaevskiy). He is the closest person to me: he is coaching me, training with me, helping in all senses when I need it the most. Very important also is the support of the Ukrainian National and Olympic Teams. And I'm proud to be part of several companies pro-teams that include very talented athletes with big goals.

What is your passion next to endurance sports? Triathlon is definitely the biggest passion for me. Training process and recovery takes nearly all my time. But I keep studying and doing my best for self-development. Also, I really like photography: both taking pictures and to be a model!


Who would you be if you weren’t a professional athlete? I'm really happy to be professional athlete. But if my life went different way, I could be either dancer or manager, or interpreter or coach.


What does no one tell you about being a professional athlete? Training hard is not enough to achieve what you want when competing. Focus on race day is really important when you need to give more than 100% of your efforts.


What was the best piece of running advice you ever received? It's important to learn to listen to the feelings and understand your body.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? When you have a dream, give all your efforts to achieve it.


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