We challenged our athletes to push the Cloudsurfer to the limits. Now we switch the challenge to you with our competition to win a pair of limit crushing Cloudsurfers. Got what it takes? Game On.

Patrick Switzer, Professional Longboarder, got his Board On.

Zürich, Switzerland #shoesongameon

Marco Fürst & Marco Waltenspiel, Professional Skydivers, got their Sky-dive On.

Klatovy, Czech Republic #shoesongameon

We asked our athletes to step up. Now show us you have what it takes and you might go home with a new pair of Cloudsurfers.

Step 1 – Tag: Share a photo or video of an activity you could push the limits of the Cloudsurfer in.

Step 2 – Share: Post it to Instagram or Facebook and make sure you tag it with @on_running and #shoesongameon

Step 3 – Win: Spread the word in your community and get as many likes as possible. 20 best challenges will win a pair of new Cloudsurfers. You have until the end of April to enter.

Ben Allen, Professional Triathlete got his Surf On.

Back Beach, New Plymouth, New Zealand #shoesongameon

Alana Hadley, Professional Marathon Runner, got her Paint On.

Charlotte, NC, USA #shoesongameon

Todor Spasov, Professional Cliff Diver, got his Dive On.

Black Sea, Bulgaria #shoesongameon