Where to meet
Parkplatz Lodge am Hausberg GAP
September 09, 2020
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The teamwork challenge taking you to new heights


On is back with the Run Your Local Mountain challenge and this time, we’re reaching for new heights. We smashed the 10,000,000 m goal last year by more than double. More than 80,000 runners participated from Japan, to Slovenia, to France, to New Mexico. This year, we’re aiming higher. 40,000,000 m high to be precise. But it only works when we do it together. As a team. Around the world. 

You have the individual goal of logging 200 m in elevation on Strava. But there’s no limit so go as high as you want! Every meter counts. 

We crushed it once. Let’s do it again. 

What you need to know:

MEETING POINT: Parkplatz Lodge am Hausberg GAP

WHEN: September 9th

TIME: From 6pm to 9pm


Join On and Sport Conrad on September 9th to run your local mountain Hausberg. All abilities are welcome to join in.

Don’t forget to check COVID guidelines – we want everyone to stay safe, have fun, and gain those meters!


1. Sign-up to show up!

  • Complete the sign-up form to join in

2. Track your elevation

  • Use a smartphone app or GPS device to track your activity in the RYLM Strava challenge. If you don’t have Strava, don’t worry! You can still join in.

3. Run Your Local Mountain

  • Go as slow or as fast as you want - all that matters is elevation

4. Celebrate & claim your prize

  • Log your elevation and punch the air! You did it. There’s a free pair of socks waiting for you.
  • Keep up with the Run Your Local Mountain challenge homepage - will we reach 40,000,000m? 


Logistics & additional information:

Bag drop available (at your own risk)


Can’t make it to the meeting point? Head out to gain your elevation solo style. Upload it to Strava and be part of the worldwide team effort!

Let's run this local mountain!

Your On team


Run Your Local Mountain Hausberg with Sport Conrad

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