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The ultimate urban run event: a visual recap

We unveiled our latest creation at the ultimate urban run event in Berlin. Missed out? No worries, here’s a quick visual recap.


On’s latest game changer, Helion™ superfoam was unveiled at a spectacular urban running event ‘Helion Your Run’ in Berlin late February.   

Watch the video above for a closer look or scroll down for more images and a photo gallery to give you a better idea of what went on.



Mixing cutting-edge MotionMetrix technology that analyzes and determines individual running profiles, a brand-new shoe from On and a unique urban track to test it, personalized Apple Music playlists, HIIT workouts, a DJ, and lots of tasty food and drink, the event was a huge success and attended by more than 250 runners. 



Designed for those who run the city, Helion is engineered with supreme cushioning to protect your body from the impact of running on the road.

The Cloudswift is the first shoe to feature this cutting-edge technology. Light on weight, big on energy return; it’s ideal for taking on unforgiving concrete jungles. 



Corre al ritmo de la ciudad con las Cloudswift. Diseñadas con la superespuma Helion™ para mejores resultados en la ciudad sin comprometer nada.


To prove it, we put Berlin’s running community to the test at the ‘Helion Your Run’ event. As well as getting a first look at the Cloudswift, participants got to enjoy a unique 5km run in and around a former industrial estate. 

Like other On events, such as the Tug-O-Run series and the On Art Run, Helion Your Run was loud and full of color and energy. If you missed it, don’t worry, just make sure to check our official events page so you can be at the next one! We’re also on Instagram and Facebook - so give us a follow for regular updates.        





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Check out the science and technology behind the Cloudswift and Helion to see what goes into creating the ultimate shoe for city running. 


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