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Running tips from On co-founder Olivier Bernhard

For three-times World Duathlon Champion and multiple Ironman Winner Olivier Bernhard, running is a pleasure for body and mind. Experience the same running sensation with tips he exclusively put together for the On community.

Run regularly

When you start your new running regime, stick to several shorter runs each week instead of one long run on the weekend.

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Vary your routine

Build an attractive repertoire of runs in your area to keep your body and mind challenged at all times. Run with a smile!

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Set yourself goals

From taking part in your first 5K race to completing a full marathon or simply running a full 80 min without stopping.

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High-intensity intervals: the secret weapon if pressed for time

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Warm up 10-15min, run 5-15min, then 10sec all out followed by a 20sec recovery run. Sum it up with a 5min cool down.

Be patient

Go steady and slow and you will get faster. Allow your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system to adjust to the new demands.

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Do core training

A strong, well-balanced core allows you to run more efficiently, fast and injury free.

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Wear the right shoes. It is all about comfort! Start listening to your feet – they will tell you which shoe is right for you.

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