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What to drink before a run: Pineapple and beet smoothie

This pre-run smoothie is simple, delicious and delivers precisely what your body needs for the run. Athlete and nutrition expert Rose Marie Jarry explains why this is her go-to before training.

By Rose Marie Jarry

One hour before running or training is the time to fuel your body with simple sugars (glucose) in order to maintain energy levels and proper mental function during your session.


One mistake we all make when checking food labels is to trust the nutrition chart over the list of ingredients. It's the ingredients that determine the real health potential of the nutrients we are ingesting. 


Through the expertise I have gathered as a chef, athlete and inventor of Kronobar products, I'm often telling consumers what to look for on the label, what sort of glucose to look for in their energy bars.  In order to achieve the results you are looking for and not achieve a hypoglycemic state or "hit the wall", you have to ensure the glucose in your food, smoothies and energy bars is from the right sources. There's simple and easy solution to a recurring problem in athletics.


My recommendation is to choose only organic non-refined ingredients wherever possible. This way, you're obtaining the highest quality fuel for your training. It's this principle that guides this pre-run smoothie recipe. 



Pineapple and beet pre-run smoothie:

½ cup (120ml) of filtered water

1 cup (240ml) of unsweetened pineapple juice

1 large raw skinned beet or 10–15g of beet powder

5 dried apricots, seedless and sulfate free. (Tip: the real color of a dried apricot is brown-orange; if it is bright orange, it is filled with sulfates)

¼ cup (85g) of frozen or fresh pineapple.


Mix all the ingredients in your blender for about 15 to 20 seconds or until you achieve a smooth texture. 

Drink 60–90 minutes before running or training.



Here are some reasons to use these good foods in your smoothie.



Beet, or Beetroot, has numerous health benefits, including improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and increased exercise performance. Much of the benefits are the result of its high concentration of inorganic nitrates. In order to feel its full effects, it must be taken at least 60 minutes before exercise. Also a great source of glucose and antioxidants, one 80g beet will provide you with 8g of glucose and 6g of other sugars. It is also a source of iron for middle- to long-distance runners, especially women. The repeated striking of the ground while running causes your red blood cells to endure micro traumas and break down. Good iron levels help compensate for this damage and prevent anemia. 



In general, the sugar in fruit tends to be more glucose than fructose. But the apricots are the exception. They are abundant in glucose and easy to digest, meaning they are quickly converted into energy.  Also rich in potassium–over three times the level of bananas–Apricots can help prevent muscular cramps.



Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to support ligament and joint repair post workout.


That's it. Have a great smoothie and let’s train!

Rose-Marie Jarry


Rose Marie Jarry was the fastest 800m runner in Quebec for many years. When injury curbed her track ambitions in 2009, she found a new calling in Spartan adventure races, competing in over 70 of the competitions, and ranking No.1 globally. At the same time, a love of healthy food led to her found Kronobar, which today produces over 200,000 bars a year. Rose Marie is now returning to the track with her sights set the podium for the 800m at the World Master’s Championship in Toronto in 2020. Underpinning Rose Marie’s training is deep understanding of how the right nutrients can help unlock peak performance.


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