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New York City
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Samedi 14 novembre 2020 06h00
Dimanche 22 novembre 2020 18h00

        The Virtual On SquadRace New York City

In an ordinary year, the SquadRace turns running into the ultimate team sport. It's squad versus squad, racing in opposite directions on a 5k course. In this race, it’s not about the fastest individual, but the team with the fastest overall average time who wins. And now we’re in search of the fastest running squad in New York.


This year has brought many changes and we had to adapt the original events calendar. So, we created a platform to keep the SquadRace energy alive, virtually. It’s still squad against squad, however, with the competition virtual, racers run solo or at a distance and submit their times after their adrenaline subsides. 


The race is virtual, but the competition is real. 


How it works:


Squad Sign Up (11/8 - 11/14): Register your squad via the crew's captain or other contact person. Not part of a squad? No problem. When the race phase starts, submit your 5k time under Team On to participate.  


Race Time (11/14 - 11/22): Run a 5k route as fast as you can. Track your run with any tracking app. Register your run by:


- Signing up with your name

- Your race time (min+seconds) 

- Choose your run crew from the drop-down options

- Upload a screenshot of your run as proof 


Share your run experience with #onsquadrace + tag @on_running.


Here are the race rules:


1. Record your best 5k run time whenever it suits you. Once the race period has started, log your race time in. It will be added to your squad’s overall average time. Every runner can race 5k as often as he/she wants to improve the team’s average, as long as it’s during the period of the event. There are no rules on place or time when it comes to your 5k. Please be fair and note: your normal race would not be a pure downhill race either. Please make sure that the difference in elevation is balanced. 


2. Every runner counts. The team with the fastest average overall time wins.


3. We’ll include your squad in the rankings if 5 runners minimum per squad have participated in the event. There is no maximum number of participants. You can participate with your squad from all over New York.


4. Runners are allowed to participate on ONE squad only.  


5. The race period is open for one week from Sunday,  November 14th, 6am (est) to Sunday, November 22nd, 6pm (est). The live leaderboard will be displayed on this page. The winning crew will be announced on Monday, November 23rd.


6. Be honest and honorable. Log a 5k time that was really ran by you. False names and false times aren’t cool and unfair to fellow crews. We know you all value good sportsmanship, so stick to the rules to make this an enjoyable event for all. 


7. Observe the current hygiene and social distancing rules. Keep your distance and act responsibly.      




1st Place: The fastest squad wins the title of New York's Fastest Running Squad and:

- $5,000 to support a local organization giving back to their community

- Pair of Cloudflyer shoes for each participant 


2nd Place: The second fastest squad wins $50 online credit for each participant (*Some exclusions apply)


3rd Place: The third fastest squad wins a Merino Beanie for each participant


The fastest individual male runner & the fastest individual female runner each receive a full head-to-toe On kit.


Be first to hear when SquadRaces will take place again – in person – by signing up to our On newsletter and checking the Events page


Find more event information and celebration at the New York v_SquadRace Events Page. For all other inquiries about the virtual SquadRace, please email events.northamerica@on-running.com 


#onsquadrace #onrunning #runonclouds     


New York City

The race is virtual, but the competition is real. It’s still squad against squad, competing against one another – all together and yet alone. In challenging times when we miss our team, it’s a common sport that connects us most, and we’re bringing you back together to run your hearts out on a virtual level. Show us how you stayed fit and prove that your squad is the fastest squad in New York City. Win honor and glory and secure yourself the chance to win great On prizes. Since the event does not take place physically, the given location as New York City.

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