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Run Your Local Mountain in Numbers + Photos

The first Run Your Local Mountain event was a massive success with runners all over the world (180 different countries!) coming together to absolutely smash the 10,000,000 meters target. Enjoy all the key figures and a selection of fan photos.


Taking down mountains is no walk in the park. But, thanks to your outstanding effort, we reached more than double the original goal (10,000,000 meters) to conquer an incredible 21,104,426 vertical meters. 

More importantly, it seems most people had lots of fun - whether they took part in an official Run Your Local Mountain event, teamed up with other high-flying hill runners or faced the challenge solo. 

So it's a massive thank you to all participants and everybody who helped organize events. We very much appreciate (and were blown away by) your efforts. Without you, the Run Your Local Mountain challenge wouldn't have happened. 

Scroll down for some facts and figures, and some photos from the day. If you want to see the final leaderboard, visit the official Strava challenge landing page

Bring on next year!



Key Figures 


21,104,426 Meters Climbed


105,305.9 Hours of Running (Combined)


81,468 Total Participants 


26,732 Total Completions


259.1 Meters per Participant (Average)


180 Countries Involved




Country Breakdown





        1. United States - 3,028,630m

         1. United States 15,051

        2. France - 2,805,321m

         2. United Kingdom - 11,080   

        3. United Kingdom - 2,451,947m

         3. France - 7098

        4. Spain - 1,860,403m 

         4. Spain - 6330

        5. Germany - 945,974m

         5. Brazil - 5581

        6.  Italy - 703,571m       

         6. Germany - 4297

        7.  Switzerland - 584,029m

         7. Italy - 2655

        8.  Japan - 576,802m   

         8. Australia - 2442

        9.  Australia - 534,693m

         9. Canada - 2128

        10.  Canada - 486,156m   

         10. Japan - 2060



La Cloudventure
Notre chaussure de trail entièrement amortie avec la traction supplémentaire de la Missiongrip(TM). Née dans les Alpes suisses, prête pour des missions hors-pistes à travers le monde.
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We'd like to give a special shout out to all French and Swiss participants who really stepped up to the challenge and recorded the highest average elevation gain per runner.

Although French runners accounted for just 8.7% of all participants, they logged an impressive 13.2% of all elevation gained. 

Also punching well above their weight, the Swiss made up 1.7% of participants yet logged 2.8% of our collective total. 

This means that runners in these countries averaged 395 (FR) and 401 (CH) meters in elevation gain per run - both well above the 259 meter global average. 



The Awesome Eight

The following countries all deserve a special mention too. They each had just one runner take on and successfully beat the challenge.

Running up mountains is hard enough without having to carry the hopes of a nation on your shoulders at the same time. 



         Central African Republic








Your Photos

Check out a selection of photos uploaded by participants and fans to Instagram. If you forgot to upload any photos you took of the challenge we'd love to see them - so post them and use #runonclouds or get in touch via Instagram.

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