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Own a piece of On’s history while stock lasts.

Cloudrunner, the impact absorber

The Cloudrunner was the first On running shoe to feature the innovative Speedboard.

Cloudster, the shoe for starting and fun

The Cloudster was where it all began for On and created the signature feeling of “running on clouds”.

Cloudracer, the competiton crusher

When athletes were hooked by the On running sensation and didn’t want to do without it during competition that's when On came up with the Cloudracer.

Cloudsurfer, the hidden performer

The creation of the Cloudsurfer was focused on encouraging its wearer to adopt a more efficient running style and greater body stability.

The Cloud, run with ultimate lightness and comfort

Runners who want a minimal running shoe with maximum cushioning.

Cloudcruiser - Ich mache Asphalt weich.

Tous types de coureurs, y compris ceux à haut niveau d’impact et d'endurance.

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