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Gear up: The Global Meeting Virtual SquadRace is back!

The SquadRace turns running into the ultimate team sport. In this race, it’s not about the fastest individual. It’s the team with the fastest overall average time who wins. Pull each other over the line as you push for the finish. In this race, every runner counts.

Gear Up: The Global Meeting Virtual SquadRace is back!


900 global participants. 30 teams. 5 prizes. The Global Meeting SquadRace is back and we’ve made a few exciting tweaks to ensure it’s the best edition yet. 

The biggest change is that you now have two different speed categories you can chose to enter. ‘Sprint’ is for the fastest runners and ‘Walk’ is for those who’d rather take it a little slower and steadier. Anybody in-between, can go for a run!

We’ve also adjusted the rules slightly so that participation is just as important as pace. Teamwork and speed – a winning combo if ever there was.  

All you have to do to enter is crush a 5k, take a screenshot of your time then upload it! 

As well as eternal glory and a place in the history books, the top five teams will all win prizes! So, lace up and GEAR UP for the next edition of the Global Meeting SquadRace.


Race phase runs from May 7th at 12pm (CEST) until May 16th 6pm (CEST).


Race 5K as fast as you can or walk 25 minutes. Track your run with any tracking app. Register your run by signing up with your name and your race time (min+seconds) and upload a screenshot of your run as proof.

Feel free to share your run with the hashtag #onsquadrace and by tagging @on_running. 


See all teams already signed up below:

The Rules:

The Run

1. Record your best 5k run and, once the race period has started, log your time. It will be added to the rest of your squad’s to get an average overall time. You can run the 5k as many times as you want to try and improve your squad’s average – as long as it’s recorded during the period of the event.   

2. Every runner counts. The fastest team average time wins.  

3. For an extra layer of suspense, the leaderboard will display the number of runs logged per team, not the overall time. At the end of the race phase, we’ll include your crew in the rankings if at least 10 runners have participated. Who is going to win?

4. The race period is open for one week from May 7th to May 16th. The live leaderboard will be displayed on this page. The winning crew will be announced during the Keynote presentation of the Global Meeting.

5. Be honest and honorable. Log a 5k time that was really run by you. False names and false times aren’t cool and unfair to fellow teams. We know you all value good sportsmanship, so stick to the rules to make this an enjoyable event for all. So please don’t find the biggest hill you can and run down it… 

6. Observe the current hygiene and social distancing rules. Keep your distance and act responsibly. 


The Walk:

Don’t feel like running? No problem! For the first time this year, walking counts too! Just walk 25 minutes (record it using your phone or smart watch), upload your result and make sure to tick the ‘walk’ button. This will bring a 5 seconds bonus to the average time of your team.

Same rules as above. Be honest. Be fair. Don't cheat, it's not cool.


Watch the SquadRace Rules video: