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The Global Meeting Virtual SquadRace

The SquadRace turns running into the ultimate team sport. In this race, it’s not about the fastest individual. It’s the team with the fastest overall average time who wins. Pull each other over the line as you push for the finish. In this race, every runner counts.

The Results are in!

A huge congrats to Tara Wellington from Team Flashing with a 17:25 time and David Kilgore from Team Snap with a 15:12 time, crushing the fastest male & female 5k time globally!

Top 3 Teams:

1. Team Pronto, 20:17, 50, captain Jannek Luitjes

2. Team Double-Time, 21:24, 14, captain Jacob Wessel

3. Team Brisk 21:39, 05, captain Brice Blanquier


Thank you all for joining this first ever Global Meeting Virtual SquadRace! 


See all final rankings here:

 The Rules:

1. Record your best 5k run time whenever it suits you. Once the race period has started, log your race time in. It will be added to your squad’s average. Every runner can race 5k as often as he/she wants to improve the team’s average, as long as it’s during the period of the event. There are no rules on place or time when it comes to your 5k. Please be fair and note: your normal race would not be a pure downhill race either. Make sure that the difference in elevation is balanced.          

2. Every runner counts. Fastest team average time wins.     

3. For an extra layer of suspense, the leaderboard will display the amount of runs logged per team, not the overall time. Who is going to win?

4. The race period is open for one week from October 23rd to November 1st. The live leaderboard will be displayed on this page. The winning crew will be announced during the Keynote presentation during the Global Meeting.

5. Be honest and honorable. Log a 5k time that was really run by you. False names and false times aren’t cool and unfair to fellow teams. We know you all value good sportsmanship, so stick to the rules to make this an enjoyable event for all. 

6. Observe the current hygiene and social distancing rules. Keep your distance and act responsibly. 

Watch the SquadRaces Rules video:


You want to know what’s up for grabs?

> The fastest Squad wins the Performance Long-T for each crew member. 

> The second fastest Squad wins an On Beanie for each crew member.

> The third fastest Squad wins a pair of Performance Socks for each crew member.