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On SquadRace Finals Germany 2020

The SquadRace turns running into the ultimate team sport. It’s squad versus squad, racing in opposite directions on a 5k course. And in this race, it’s not about the fastest individual. It’s the team with the fastest overall average time who wins.


With the On SquadRace series in Germany, we were looking for the fastest crew from the West, North, East and South of the country. And we found them.


In the On SquadRace Finals, the four crews battled one another for the title of the fastest running squad in Germany!


The current situation meant the On SquadRace Final took place as a virtual event. Meaning the SquadRace motto remained: the race is virtual, but the competition is real. And the crews were on fire!

The On SquadRace Finals Germany 2020 took place on December 13. And the day was one for the books. The race results were announced in a virtual meeting, with each athlete putting forth his or her time in real time. 


In a knock-out system, the teams competed first in the semi-finals and then in the finals. And the race times were epic! 


The title of Germany's fastest running squad went to the Beast from the East! Congratulations!

Congratulations to all four teams with insane team times! See all race results below: 



Simultaneous virtual semi-finals were followed by the finals. See how the teams made it through the race day:



See all individual race times here:



Here are the teams who competed in the On SquadRace Finals, the fastest squads from the West, North, East and South of Germany:        




In the On SquadRace West Edition the PACE PACK RUNNERS qualified with a time of 18:01.45 for the On SquadRace Final.


The PACE PACK RUNNERS are not only fast, but also widely known and popular in the running crew scene. We asked Crew Captain Tobias Prinz what makes his crew so special:


"We are a colourful and loud bunch. Our roots are in Hagen, our living room is Dortmund and our home is the Ruhr area. We stand for diversity. In our crew the "Malocher" meets the desk acrobat, firefighter or doctor. Ambitious hobby runners meet running beginners and pleasure runners. What began in 2016 with less than 10 people has grown over time into a huge run crew united by a passion for running and held together by our values. Everyone is welcome here. However, it's important to us that the chemistry between the people is right and that our values are lived. We want team players and not self-promoters. (...) We've been ON FIRE since the very beginning of On SquadRaces. In the past few years we have visited our friends from Run Squad CGN in Cologne or were part of the big finals last year in Berlin. This year we qualified for the finals as the fastest crew from West Germany. We will probably go into the final as "underdogs" with the supposedly slowest time from the preliminary heats. But we don't feel uncomfortable in this role, on the contrary: we are up for it and will give everything from the first meter on!"


The PACE PACK RUNNERS squad is promising and peppered with many familiar faces from the running crew scene. The crew around Captains Dean and Tobias wants to stir up the final with the following team:


Triabolos Triathlon e.V.


The team Triabolos Triathlon Hamburg e.V. won the Nord Edition with an average time of 17:49.21. A very strong qualifying time for the On SquadRace Final!


Team Captain Martina Schilke gave us exciting background information about the fastest team from the north of Germany:


"Moin from Hamburg, we are the Triabolos, the biggest triathlon club in Germany. We've been around for over 10 years now. We love cycling, swimming and of course running.
Each one of us comes from a certain sport, the love for sport unites us. Before the On SquadRace, we did digital competitions rather on the roll in our own living room. So the On SquadRace came in handy and really made us want to go. Finally, we were able to put our running shoes back on the road and to prepare for the races again. (...) Our motto for the On SquadRace finale: "Ballern", give everything and celebrate afterwards."


The third fastest qualifying time for the final and a promising squad for the finals. The Triabolos are sure to be the secret favorites for the title in the final. See the squad here:


Beast from the east


Team Beast from the East won the East Edition of the On SquadRaces with an incredible team time of 16:13.30, and has qualified for the On SquadRace Final.


But who are they? We asked the Co-Captain Max Betsch about his team:


"The year 2020 has presented us with new challenges in terms of training design. Since many training sites were closed, a loose collective was formed first, which completed joint training sessions on the only still accessible track in Leipzig. The group grew quickly and new acquaintances were made. The group dynamics were great. The focus for us was not only on the idea of performance, but also on togetherness and the fun of running. Crew member Mike finally became aware of the On SquadRace and the common team goal was set! (...) With common commitment, mutual support, sweat and above all a good attitude, we decided to take on the Eastern Challenge. Now we are already burning for the final."


With this qualification time, the team from the East of Germany is one of the favorites for overall victory in the final. The squad line up for the On SquadRace Finals 2020 is also more than impressive. See the team members here:


engelhorn sports team


The engelhorn sports team was able to win the South Edition of the On SquadRaces with a time of 16:20.30, securing the fourth ticket to the final.


Christian Alles, one of the captains of the engelhorn sports team, told us the background of the team:


"We have made it our goal to support young runners and to bring them to the national top. This is how our athletes have been able to win several German championship titles in the long-distance sector in recent years. Three athletes have made it to the German national team, one athlete even made it to international championships. We stand for openness and team spirit. In our weekly training sessions 20-30 runners take part regularly. Especially on the track training sessions on Tuesdays there is always a special atmosphere. Other sessions also live from community and cohesion. We are looking forward to a great virtual competition with the other squads. We will push ourselves as best as we can to win the On SquadRace final."


With the second fastest qualifying time, the engelhorn sports team is also considered one of the favorites for overall victory. We're looking forward to their performance on race day. A hopeful race squad for the On SquadRace Finals has been formed and includes very well-known names: 


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We're already looking forward to racing again in 2021! To get you in the race mood here's a look at the rules video:   



For all questions regarding the On SquadRace, drop us a mail to  

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