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Team On at the Wings for Life World Run Germany

Are you Team On? Join us at Wings for Life World Run Germany and run for those who can’t. Join us on May 9, 2021 for a powerful celebration of what we can achieve together.


What is the Wings for Life World Run?


The Wings for Life World Run is unique in the running calendar. Runners around the world start running at exactly the same time. 100% of all starting fees fund spinal cord research. There is no finish line. Just you, your determination and a virtual ‘Catcher Car’ in hot pursuit. 

As a proud partner of the Wings for Life World Run in Germany, we’re ready to help you achieve the impossible. To unlock crucial advances in spinal research. And to run for those who can’t. Thanks to those who joined us for the 2021 edition and helped raise awareness.


Who’s involved with Team On?


Berlin-based ultrarunner FINN led our team this year. On stage, he’s a musician. But his real performances are saved for his running. Last year, he completed a 230km Urban Ultra. So we knew his mindset and stamina would be perfect for captaining Team On at Wings for Life World Run.



Find your perfect shoe  


Let Jana, Julia, Mau and FINN help you choose the right shoe for any race. 



Meet Jana


For her, running is an endless pursuit. Something she’ll never fully conquer. “I run to push myself beyond my limits,” she says. In nature, by the water or on the edge of the city, she doesn’t hold back. Her runs range from 10K to full marathons.     



“You are capable of incredible achievements,” she says. “You should always believe in yourself and never lose sight of your goal.” At the Wings for Life World Run, her focus was on community. Shared ambition. Shared success. “In difficult times, cohesion is important.” She trusts in the cushioning, lightness and design of the Cloudflow to guide her home. 


The Cloudflow
Your shortcut to runner's high. The Cloudflow is a lightweight and responsive speed running shoe for training and racing. Engineered to push the pace.
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Meet Julia.


A fitness fanatic, she’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. From 5K runs to half marathons, strength training, HIIT or even CrossFit. But she’s not always on the move. “As a balance, I do yoga, Pilates or foam roll every day,” she says. “It helps me to regenerate. Just 10 minutes a day can work wonders.”     



The variety of Berlin gives her endless options. She uses running to clear her mind. To explore the city. And sometimes just to chase a PR. At the Wings for Life World Run, she laced up in the Cloud X – depending completely on the lightweight, ultra-agile build that’s as comfortable on the street as it is in the gym. “Running is not that complicated,” she says. “Sometimes you just have to start.”    


The Cloud X
Stability. Agility. Versatility. Crush runs and mixed sport workouts in the lightweight and ultra-reactive Cloud X.
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Meet Mau.


An urban runner, the gravel paths in Tiergarten and the banks of the Spree are where he finds his peace. Running, he says, is the “ideal balance” to long hours at a desk. The diversity of a big city like Berlin provides constant adventure. And running with friends is what he cherishes most. “It creates a very special spirit,” he says. “It’s addictive.”       

At the Wings for Life World Run, he relied on the Cloudswift’s cushioning, style and breathability to carry him forward. “Every single person who laces up is a runner,” says Mau. “The speed or the distance doesn’t matter. It’s about sharing the passion. From Berlin’s busy neighborhoods to its quiet corners, we’re in this together.”   


Light and swift with impact protection. Features Helion™ superfoam so running on hard surfaces never felt easier.
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Meet FINN.  


Away from the grind of strength training, cycling and yoga, he has a secret passion. One where support is key. And where endurance matters. As an ultrarunner, Finn faces down the biggest challenges nature can pose. “Every time I run,” he says, “I realize how important it is to use my body for what it was made for: exercise.”   



The Cloudflyer’s supreme cushioning carried him from start to finish at the Wings for Life World Run. “If I put it on and can’t wait to start running, it’s a good shoe for me.” At the Wings for Life World Run, he had a simple message: “Keep moving – both physically and mentally. You only have one body and one mind. Act like it!” 


The Cloudflyer
Support for any runner and any running goal. The lightweight shoe with supreme support and cushioning.
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