Train like world-class On athlete Jane Fardell

Australian long-distance runner and On athlete Jane Fardell is the star at European marathons. Exclusively for On runners, Jane set up a 6-week training plan, bringing you to the next level.

With Jane's training plan, you’ll now increase your pace as well as build up your endurance. The plan is suitable for experienced runners who want to improve their 10K time or who are training for half and full marathons.

Your "Start" training plan for the first 3 weeks

Are you looking for the right running shoe to train and compete in?

For interval sessions, Jane recommends the ultralight yet fully cushioned Cloud. For most of her marathons, she laces up the responsive Cloudsurfer.

Aiming to set new records?

Jane likes the fast Cloudracer on short, intensive runs. For effective recovery runs after tough races, she swears by the comfortable Cloudster.

Your "Keep on" training plan for the following 3 weeks

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