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2 in 1 equals more

These running shorts hide a hybrid functionality. Comprising of two layers, the ultra-light, airy outer shorts feature a fully taped, fast-drying woven fabric inside. Two shorts: one handy package.

2 in 1 equals more
Wear together or apart

Wear together or apart

The shorts outside and short tights within can be worn together or separately. We combine them for long runs or sprints to the beach. Take a plunge in the short tights, then jog home in dry shorts.

Keys, phone, safe

The snug and comfortable short tights inside offer a pocket that keeps your phone, keys and cards locked in place – whether running all out or simply walking back home.

Keys, phone, safe
Clever thinking. Smart materials.

Clever thinking. Smart materials.

The unique duality of these running shorts can only be possible with the high-quality and high-tech materials. 4-way stretch Nylon. Tear-proof Italian fabrics. All brought together with our own Swiss Engineering.

Hybrid Short M

Info Tessuti

tessuto nylon/elastan 4-way-stretch super tecnico per un'ottima libertà di movimento - leggero, protettivo, antistrappo e ad asciugatura rapida ++ tessuto italiano confortevole ed elastico per pantaloncini e cintura ++ trattamento antibatterico per un'extra freschezza


Corri sulle nuvole con l'abbigliamento da corsa ultraleggero di On, realizzato con materiali di ultima generazione e funzionalità aerodinamiche. Ridotto al minimo, creando il giusto equilibrio fra protezione, traspirabilità e libertà di movimento.

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