Where to meet
WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square, London
17 aprile 2018
18:30 - 20:30

Cloud Edge Speaker Series: London

Disruption of space is what has made On the fastest growing running brand on the planet. With a premium Swiss-design and high- performance technology, On has become a favorite not just among some of the world’s best athletes, but with masters taking their craft to the edge. On wants to support this philosophy by creating a space that shares and inspires creators that push the limits of innovation.

The event is free, but make sure to reserve your spot! You won't want to miss the speakers we have lined up for you:

Anna McNuff gets her kicks from traveling the world on long, human-powered journeys, and in sharing those journeys with others. When not running up mountains or sleeping in the wild, she speaks and writes about the importance of adopting a growth mindset. Anna has an insatiable thirst for exploring the limit of human potential and in better understanding the (often misunderstood) feelings of fear, self-doubt, vulnerability, and courage. 

Mark Beaumont is an elite athlete, broadcaster & ambassador who is celebrating a decade of world firsts, pushing ultra-endurance, sharing inspiring journeys and helping businesses to perform. His next Record Breaking quest is currently underway: cycling around the World in 80 days.

Get more inspiration from Taken to the Edge event speakers from around the world at on-running.com/takentotheedge 

WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square

WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square takes this six-floor charming-meets-modern brick building and transforms it into coworking space designed with the future of your business in mind. Located right between Shoreditch High Street and Old Street Tube Stop, this location provides members with easy commuting and plenty of dining and nightlife options after a rewarding day of hustling. Whether you're in need of a single desk or or an entire floor, this trendy area of town attracts movers and shakers from a variety of industries. Nearby Hoxton hotel offers a locals-favourite bar, while The Book Club can offer a more festive night out with the team with its popular dancing hall. Bring your team to WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square and become the office hero.

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